Access Control System

Access Control System

Restrict Access and Reduce Theft, Eliminate Key Problems, Customized Schedules, Reduce Energy Bills, Remote Access, and Audit Trails are just some of the main reasons one should consider access control.

Wired Security Group takes pride in its managed access control system that offers professional-grade security without compromising user-friendliness. Thanks to a dedicated portal, you can manage policies and cards with efficiency and convenience. You can also resort to digital auditing to get an insight into the access report. Our Access Control System also notifies the owner immediately if an unauthorized attempt to access is made.

We offer the traditional biometric scans including the retina, fingerprint, voice, and facial recognition for our access control systems. Our advanced solutions, however, offer a wider variety that enables access via cards, mobile devices, and fobs as well. Such a broad range of access credentials that can be used with our access control systems covers all requirements that our clients may have.

Wired Security Group aims at building long-term working relations with its clients. We don’t plan on leaving you on your own once the system is installed. Software upgrades and maintenance are also included in the package. You chose us to enhance the security of your residential, commercial, or industrial facility and we work diligently throughout to make sure that all is working perfectly for you.

Working with Wired Security Group improves your focus on other productive components of your business knowing that a dedicated team of professionals is monitoring the installed access control system and is ready to respond in an attempt of unauthorized access. Whenever you have a question or are met with a complication, our customer service is right at your disposal to make your life easy.

Access Control Systems are more applicable to businesses that wish to restrict access to certain areas including offices, rooms, elevators, gates, doors, etc. to a certain set of employees. Our top of the line solution also enables you to authorize access on the basis of the time of the day or the day of the week. Access Control Systems are the best bet for businesses that wish to upgrade to advanced security.

Wired Security Group offers access control solutions suitable and affordable for all organizations regardless of their size. An added feature of scalability enables a convenient and time-effective upgrade at a later stage, should your requirement change with time.

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